Client Access Notification

Client Access Notification add-on

Are you using Client Access, and tired of sending manual emails containing passwords, and approval messages? Then use the Notifications add-on to automate the process and send an email from the WordPress dashboard.

If your using the official WordPress plugin Client Access, then at some point your client has probably asked for access to view the work in progress. With the Client Access Notification add-on you can send an email directly from the WordPress dashboard! The email is fully customizable, and  you can send one email to multiple recipients. Interested in having others request access? Then visit the Request Access add-on!

Client Access Notification

The Client Access Notification add-on is designed with the latest WordPress version in-mind. Additionally, the Client Access Notification add-on will integrate seamlessly with Client Access, and the additional Client Access add-ons. Most importantly it will enhance your WordPress workflow.

1. Settings.
1. Settings.

This add-on extends the base functionality for the free WordPress plugin Client Access.

The Notification add-on for Client Access provides the following features:

  • A site admin can send an email from the WordPress dashboard.
  • The email is fully customizable.
  • Dynamically add the; site name, site url, or password using the following tags: {sitename}, {siteurl}, {password}.

Once installed and activated a new tab will appear named "Notification" with the additional settings. This tab allows you to manage the following:

  • To email field (can support multiple emails)
  • Subject (can use the following tag {site_name})
  • Message (can use the following tags {sitename}, {siteurl}, {password})


  1. Go to Plugins > Add New
  2. Click "upload" (if you do not have an upload option please contact your WordPress administrator)
  3. Navigate to the Zip file, and upload the Zip containing the plugin files
  4. Click Install Now to install the WordPress Plugin
  5. Once activated visit the Client Access settings, and you will see an additional tab labeled "Notification"


  1. Upload client-access-notification to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  3. Once activated visit the Client Access settings, and you will see an additional tab labeled "Notification"

Do I need Client Access to use this add-on?


The plugin is activated, where are the settings?

Make sure you have Client Access installed and activated. The settings will appear on your Client Access settings page. There will be anew tab named "Notification".

From the WordPress admin visit:

  1. Settings --> Client Access
  2. Click the "Notifications" tab

I have translated this add-on and want to contribute the translation for others?

Please contact us via our support forum

How do I install the plugin?

Please see installation above


  • Initial release

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