A WordPress Email subscription plugin that integrates your WordPress website with Constant Contact. Allowing you to choose the subscriber list, form fields that are displayed, and customize the text of your sign-up form.

Our Premium WordPress Email Subscription Plugin

Carrier allows WordPress admins to easily create a custom subscription form, display it in various locations of their website, and have their site visitors sign-up for email subscriptions.

Carrier currently integrates with Constant Contact, and requires a Constant Contact account.

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Version 1.0.1

  • 6 new theme styles to choose from
New theme styles

New theme styles

Initial Release Features – Version 1.0.0

  • 4 styling options: Light (default), Dark, Twenty Fourteen, Twenty Fifteen
  • Spanish translation
  • Latest Constant Contact integration standards (API)
  • Customizable form field placeholders
  • Customizable form messages
  • Select multiple list from your Constant Contact newsletter lists
  • Choose which contact fields are displayed; first name, last name, company name, job title, work phone, home phone, cell phone, fax
  • 2 display types; as a Widget or using Shortcode
  • Support for additional styling

Images below are for version 1.0.0

Carrier Front-end Display

Carrier allows WordPress admins to easily display a WordPress email subscription form on their website. Either in the header, sidebar, footer, or alongside your post. Header, sidebar, or footer display options are only available if your theme supports these as Widgetized areas.

 Carrier – Twenty Fifteen integration.

Carrier as seen in the WordPress Twenty Fifteen theme. Showing sidebar, and content display options.

WordPress Admin Settings

All Carrier settings are displayed as a sub-menu in your WordPress admin settings. From the settings you can configure a WordPress email subscription form, configuring which fields are displayed, the style of the form, field types, and field labels. You can override the default settings for each Widget area, or via a Shortcode.

Carrier – A WordPress Email Subscription Plugin

Carrier – Version 1.0.0 settings, as seen in the WordPress admin settings.

Theme Customizer Compatibility

If your Theme supports the Theme Customizer use it! As it provides a clean way to preview how Carrier will look in any Widgetized area of your website.

Carrier – Theme Customizer

Carrier – Version 1.0.0 settings, as seen in the WordPress admin Theme Customizer.

As seen in the native Widget admin

You can configure each subscription form to have its own settings from the WordPress widget admin interface.

Carrier – Version 1.0.0 Widget Settings

Carrier – Version 1.0.0 widget settings, as seen in the WordPress admin Widget settings.

For additional info feel free to visit the demo.